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Pedestrian Crashes

This data set maps the locations of crashes involving pedestrians in the Chapel Hill Region of North Carolina.

The data comes from police-reported bicycle-motor vehicle and pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions that occurred on the public roadway network, public vehicular areas and private properties (if reported) from January 2007 through December 2018.

Information for each crash includes: County, City, Crash Date, Crash Day, Crash Group, Crash Location, Crash Time, Crash Severity, Bike/Pedestrian Age Group, Bike/Pedestrian Alcohol Detected, Bike Direction, Bike/Pedestrian Injury, Bike/Pedestrian Position, Bike/Pedestrian Race, Bike/Pedestrian Sex, Ambulance Response, Driver Age Group, Driver Estimated Speed, Speed Limit, Driver Alcohol Detected, Driver Injury, Driver Race, Driver Sex, Driver Vehicle Type, Hit and Run, Development, Light Condition, Locality, Number of Lanes, Road Characteristics/Class/Condition/Configuration, Road Defects/Features, Traffic Control, Crash Type, and/or Weather. Crash identification numbers have been removed from the data for protection of privacy.

Crash records were obtained from the NCDOT GIS site.

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