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Pavement Condition Data for Town-Maintained Paved Streets

Pavement Condition Survey Data

Every other year, the Town hires an engineering firm to perform a pavement condition assessment of Town-maintained paved streets. Street segments are assigned a rating based on the prevalence of eight common types of pavement distresses on that section of the road. Using this data, the firm uses a software program to generate recommended maintenance activities and costs to address needs on each street segment. Listed costs for maintenance items represent the engineer’s estimate at the time the survey was completed.

The pavement condition rating scale is as follows:

  • Very Good – 100-91
  • Good – 90-81
  • Fair – 80-66
  • Poor – 65-51
  • Very Poor – 50-0

The pavement condition rating is one of several factors that the Town considers when prioritizing streets for resurfacing or reconstruction. Priority consideration is also given to Council and community interests, multi-modal streets (streets that facilitate more than one mode of transportation, including cars, bikes, and/or buses) and collector streets, and projects that can leverage outside funding. In addition, Town staff works closely with the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC Department of Transportation, OWASA, and other utility companies to coordinate project schedules. Some projects may be accelerated or delayed to coordinate with other agencies’ projects or other needs.

More information is available at “Getting Around Chapel Hill”

Data last updated in 2018.

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