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Community Survey Q2: What to emphasize in Q1

This question is from the 2015 Chapel Hill Community Survey.

Which THREE of these items do you think should receive the most emphasis from Town leaders over the next TWO Years?


  1. Overall quality of services provided by the Town of Chapel Hill
  2. Overallquality of public safety services (e.g., police, fire)
  3. Overall quality of Town parks and recreation programs and facilities
  4. Overall quality of customer service you receive from Town employees
  5. Overall quality of Public Library services
  6. Overall enforcement of Town codes/ordinances
  7. Overall maintenance of major streets
  8. Overall maintenance of neighborhood streets
  9. Overall maintenance of Town buildings and facilities
  10. Overall maintenance of public housing buildings and grounds
  11. Overall flow of traffic and congestion management in the Town
  12. Effectiveness of communication with public
  13. Overall value for your tax dollars and fees
  14. How well the Town is preparing for the future
  15. How well the Town is managing change
  16. Emergency preparedness
  17. Quality of landscaping in parks, medians and other public areas
  18. Quality of Chapel Hill Transit

Data has been geomasked to ensure privacy of the respondents.


Catherine Lazorko, communications manager, at (919) 969-5055 or at info@townofchapelhill.org

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